Interview: Lederhaus

Lederhaus is an online leather goods retailer. Their products are expertly crafted by a master artisan in Toronto, Canada.

LN: What does the label say? - What does this mean?

Lederhaus, means House of Leather.

LN: All your products are handmade, please tell us a little more about your handmade process?

Our leather has a full aniline finish which means that it was first put in a vat with the colour in it. The leather is then tumbled in huge drums which give it the grain or pebbled effect. This process is all natural with no top finish. We use Italian full grain leather because it is the top layer of the leather and the strongest part which makes our product strong and durable. All of our hardware comes from one of the premier manufacturers of metal findings in Italy.

All of our bags in the Slate colour are fitted with zinc hardware and our Sandalwood coloured pieces boast beautiful brass findings. The thread that we use is classified as cable. It’s a nylon which is rot resistant and UV resistant – our product is made to last.

LN: How started your passion for leather?

I’ve always loved wallets. Then I learned how they’re actually made and I fell in love. The amount of craft and precision you need to create these products is incredible.

LN: Why is leather such a unique material?

Not one piece is alike, almost like a fingerprint.

LN: How do you advise your customers to care for their Lederhaus products?

Always keep your leather products in a cool and dry place when not in use. Avoid direct sunlight exposure and overall, just keep it clean. This product is meant to last a lifetime.

LN: What keeps your customers coming back?

Our unparalleled customer service and the fact that we stand behind our products 100%. If you’re not satisfied with your product we’ll be happy to offer you a refund, because no one should have to feel like they didn’t get their moneys worth.

LN: Why do you think should leather be the material of choice for consumers?

It’s unique, just like each and every one of us.


Want to learn more about full grain, aniline an different types of leather? Check out our fact sheet on Leather Terminology.