Hide and Skins


A world renowned hides, skins and leather trading company.

Argolanda have been apart of the leather industry for almost a century and have grown from small trade beginnings to now also having own production in Wetblue and Crust Leather.

Since its creation in 1926, Argolanda B.V. have expanded their South American reach to a world-wide network of customers and clients. The name Argolanda comes from the first three letters of Argentina and part of the Spanish word for Holland. With an initial focus on South American and Dutch trade, the name is a reflection of that history.
Today, with its headquarters in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, Argolanda not only trade raw hides, skins, pickle, wet-blue, crust and finished leather to all over the world, but have also developed additional markets. In line with the leather industry, they now supply base products for the production of leather.

To conclude, their customers and suppliers are of vital importance. Argolanda continually strive to meet and exceed all expectations , and look forward to another century of maintaining that level of service.

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