CPL Group Public Company Limited

CPL Group Public Co., Ltd. is a world-class leather tannery providing finished cow leather to customers’ needs.

The process of manufacturer is the selection and the import of quality rawhides are mainly from USA, and tanning chemicals are also imported from Europe & USA.

CPL GROUP PUBLIC CO., LTD. is the leading full-process leather tannery company listed in the Stock Exchange of Thailand with THB 419.0 Million registered capital. We are well-accepted and trusted by world renowned fashion brands with production capacity of 3.0 million square feet of high-quality finished leather, and wet blue leather tanning capacity of 80,000 cows and 100,000 pig skins per month. Our leather is exported to major footwear manufacturers as main material to manufacture world-class sports and casual footwear and other leather goods in Asia.

In 2017, CPL expanded into Safety Product Industry marketing personal protective equipment (PPE). The company merged with Pangolin Safety Products Co., Ltd. which is an expert and specializes in manufacturing international standard safety footwear, safety helmets and marketing other personal protective equipment (PPE) in Thailand. Pangolin is a major distributor for high quality PPE brands for enterprises of all sizes and has strong distribution network in Thailand and Indochina region.

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