Gibson Bass Stamper

Clear permanent individual hide skin identification. The key to sustainability is traceability.

The Gibson Bass Stamper has been providing fast and reliable individual traceability in 4 continents for over 20 years.

​​Joe Gibson and Richard Bass have been making hide, skin and split identification devices for 20 years. Joe is a Chemical Engineer and a 4th generation tanner who has worked in the leather industry most of his life, as a technician, manager and consultant. Richard is an engineer and inventor with many patents to his name. His inventions have been used in the leather, food and health industries for many years.

Their collaboration began in an Austrialian government hide improvement program in the 1990s which led to the invention of the Gibson Bass Stamper in 2001. Joe manages the marketing and does the programming, while Richard’s company, Ingenuity Engineering, builds the machines in its factory in Brisbane. They have installed the stampers in four continents – North America, Africa, Europe and Australia.

The stamper stamps seven segment numbers, letters and codes and each stamper is programmed to stamp according to the individual needs of the customer.

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