Lederfabrik Josef Heinen GmbH & Co KG

Production of shoe upper and handbag leather, from raw hide to finished leather.

Focus on responsible leather production for waterproof articles in high substance, based on German and European raw hides.

Heinen tannery is located in Germany since 1891. The focus of the family owned production is targeted towards technical shoe upper and handbag leather. German and European bull hides are bought fresh from local dealers and turned into mostly full aniline leather for high end customers and brands. Under the brand terracare, Heinen tannery summarizes all efforts for the production of a responsible performance leather. Heinen tannery is rated by ECO2L and OekoTex.

Produktion von Schuhoberleder und Taschenleder, angefangen von der rohen haut bis zum fertigen Leder. Besonderer Schwerpunkt der Lederherstellung ist die Produktion von hydrophobierten Oberledern in hoher Substanz, basierend auf Deutscher und Europäischer Rohware

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