Pittards Plc

Established in 1826, Pittards specialises in performance leathers for gloving, footwear and interiors.

Pittards has tanneries in the UK and Ethiopia, together with the facility to manufacture finished products in both locations, including component cutting, leathergoods, footwear and gloves.

Pittards was established in Yeovil in 1826 and has a heritage in the development and manufacture of performance leathers that are used by major brands around the world. Due to the technical nature of the leathers, Pittards is usually featured as a named component where it is used in products and has therefore built a branded reputation around the quality of its products.

Pittards has tanneries in the UK and Ethiopia as well as finished product factories in both countries, allowing for vertical manufacturing efficiencies at both premium and volume price points. Pittards is REACH compliant with long experience with MRSLs and working within the ZDHC framework.

Pittards Locations:

  • Yeovil,UK: HQ and tannery manufacturing gloving, footwear and interiors leather
  • Yeovil, UK: own brand and third party manufacturing of bags and small leathergoods
  • Addis Ababa, Ethiopia: four product manufacturing factories with capacity for footwear, gloves and apparel
  • Edjersa, Ethiopia: tannery manufacturing gloving and footwear leather
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