Hide and Skins

Pulkit Magan & Associates

Established In India in the Year 2009 , with the Primary goal of sourcing Leathers & Chemicals for Tanning Industry.

Pulkit Magan & Associates was incorporated in India in the Year 2009.

We are a company which inherited a vast experience working in the leather industry since 1962. Mr Pulkit Magan ( Shoetech) had a vision to source and supply tanneries, Shoe Factories and Leather Goods factories with high quality products from all around the globe.

We have grown multifold since the time of inception and we source Raw hides, Wetblue, Crust & Finished leathers. We have very cordial relationships with both manufacturers and end customers in India, Bangladesh & Europe.

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Contact Details : +91-9897518011

Email :- [email protected]


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