Teneria Panamericana

Founded in 2006, Tenería Panamericana (TP) is located in the city of León, México, and is one of the leading tanneries in the central and north American region.

Tenería Panamericana develops, produces and commercializes high quality leathers for different industries like: shoe, automotive, furniture, and leather goods, shipping orders all over the world.

Our business is committed to our customers and every season different articles and concepts are developed to satisfy the requirements of each market served.

Tenería Panamericana is member of different associations like: BLC (Leather technology Center ltd), CANALCUR (National Chamber of Tanning Industry), CICUR (state OF Guanajuato Chamber of Tanning Industry), LN (Leather Naturally), it has certifications such as: LWG (Environmental Stewardship Audit), GTO EMPRESA LIMPIA (Clean Industry State Certification), ECOTANNERY (Environmental local certification), CESRL (Company with social responsibility).

People working at TP is always trying to show that sustainability is part of our industry, as “hides” are a by-product of the milk and meat industry and they are the main raw material which is recycle and turned into finished leather.

An extremely important aspect of the identity of TP is the social service and commitment to its community, supporting various associations such as: Memory Institute (Alzheimer Foundations), Mexican Association of Diabetes, among others.

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