Wolverine World Wide Leather

Wolverine Leathers is the global leather and inventor of pigskin nubuck. Today, our manufacturing footprint encompasses China, Thailand and the USA.

Our product range is diverse with many performance features, as well as an exclusive partnership with HeiQ Eco-Dry. HeiQ Eco-Dry allows us to offer a sustainable PFC Free solution to water resistance, available as the standard in almost all our leathers.

Wolverine Leathers is the global leader of Performance Leather derived from pigskin. Wolverine Leathers offers pigskin leathers with an array of performance features, colors, weights, and varieties. We work with designers, developers and sourcing specifiers to determine the best leathers to meet their footwear manufacturing requirements.

Authentic Pigskin Nubuck:
WOLVERINE invented pigskin nubuck in 1956 and collaborated with 3M to combine their newly introduced Scotchgard Protector in 1958. Our Shag leather was the first performance leather in the industry that offered water, oil and stain repellency without changing the look and feel of the leather. The first brand to use the leather was Hush Puppies®. Silkee® soon followed as a softer version of Shag for more tailored casual footwear. Wolverine pigskin nubuck is the authority in the leather industry with over 60 years of experience producing it and over 100 years of tanning expertise. Choose Wolverine pigskin nubuck to become radically different from your competition.

Tanning Today:
Today Wolverine Leathers contracts tanning and coloring with tanneries in the USA, Thailand and China in an effort to meet our customer’s global sourcing requirements. Our Thailand tannery was awarded Tannery of the Year in 2018.
Our focus is on sustainability as we develop new leathers that are metal free, chrome free, Blue Sign and ZDHC compliant. Our facilities are LWG Gold and Silver as we work to reduce the environmental impact in our clean and secure manufacturing operations.

Innovation Never Rests:
Since 1910, Wolverine Worldwide Leathers has had an eye on the future and a history of creating better leather. Performance leathers. Heritage leathers crafted with over a century of old world experience. But innovation never rests. Neither does being better. As we enter the second decade of the millennium, our focus is on customer-driven, sustainable, environmentally friendly leather solutions for casual, outdoor and athletic footwear brands.

Today, we manufacture in 3 locations around the globe. Let us help your brand be better.

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