Handbook of Leather Design for Sustainable Development

An invaluable resource for designers working with leather

The Handbook for Leather Design for Sustainable development has been written for anyone working in the design and development process of leather products.

Intended to facilitate a process that is open to constant evaluation, the book addresses a broad scope of inter related complexities and encourages the development a systemic approach that allows for ongoing evolution towards more sustainable products.

Opening with a leather product design canvas that takes the reader from appropriate material choice through process optimization and waste avoidance, to repairability and the circular economy, key chapters of this invaluable handbook include:

  • Guiding design processes for more sustainable leather products
  • The real world context of leather design
  • Design approaches, (including design for longevity and reusability)
  • Design tools

The Handbook for Leather Design for Sustainable Development is edited by Jonas Rehn-Groenendijk, Karen Lehmann & Julian Schenten.

A copy can be downloaded for free here.