Leather is facing intense competition from synthetic materials manufactured from non-biodegradable petrochemical derivatives which are designed to imitate it. At the same time it has been subject to attacks from environmental groups such as Greenpeace and outrageous claims made against it by the animal welfare NGO PETA.
The LeatherNaturally! initiative is aimed to counteract these attacks, highlight the natural beauty of leather and more importantly educate the buying public, designers and youth about leather and the leather industry. Youth is particularly important - not only as future consumers but also as the fashion designers of the future.
The whole industry from meat packers to tanners, manufacturers and retail brands are joining forces and throwing its weight into LeatherNaturally! An initiative very much inspired by industry wide operations such as the ones led by the Cotton Council and Woolmark.
It is to the benefit of all operators in the leather supply chain to help defend the leather industry against the negative publicity inspired by special interest groups. The positive aspects of leather such as it being sustainable material with natural elegance have to be promoted while defending it against unchallenged reports designed to prejudice its image.
“Leather is in a tougher and more competitive environment than it has ever been before. It is time for the industry to challenge its detractors”, said Mike Redwood, leather industry expert and spokesperson for “LeatherNaturally!
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•  Inclusion of your company’s logo on the Members panel at the entrance of the Leather Club in MM&T and ACLE;
• Right to use the “Leather Naturally! Official Sponsor” logo on all your marketing materials;
• Exclusive access to the Leather Club for representatives from your organisation as well as your customers and associates;
• Access to market research on the Leather Industry and its consumers;
• Access to materials to use when discussing leather with customers;
• Access to additional material to use with  other parts of the supply chain especially with designers, retailers and some interested consumer groups;
• Access to materials which help explain some of the difficult questions about leather and the chemicals and processes we use;
• Support a body that will confront those who deliberately mislead consumers about leather;
• Access to training material designed for retails and others in the supply chain;
• Ability to link into extensive activity on new media and learn how this may work for your own business.
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