Building Trust With Consumers

Building trust with consumers and understanding what they want to know.

By Debbie Burton, Chair, Management Board of Leather Naturally

As part of a renewed strategy for 2023, Leather Naturally has restated its mission to promote the use of certified, responsibly made leather by providing trusted facts and inspiration for consumers, designers and brands. We are on a drive to reach more consumers than ever before and in order to do that we spend a lot of time studying what it is that consumers are need to know and we make sure that we create the content that answers their questions. But what are those questions and what is the content that most people read? Checking out the most-read pages over the last year makes for interesting viewing because it isn’t complex information. Rather it is our most straightforward fact sheets and articles that cover just a few topics.

The benefits of leather
A succinct summary of the advantages of leather, from its origins as a by-product of the food industry through it’s long lasting and repairable qualities, together with its comfort and beauty.

What is leather made of and where does it come from?
This concise but informative feature was specially commissioned in response to a series of questions that consumers most often search for. It includes the four main sources of hides and skins, the crucial information that livestock is not raised for leather, a brief description of how leather is made and the most common types of leather.

Is leather environmentally friendly?
This again is a specially crested article that answers some of the most often asked questions about the environmental impact of leather making and whether it can be considered a sustainable material. Emphasising certification standards, and the question of real vs ‘faux leather’ this is a great starting point for consumers that want to go deeper as it links to longer, more in-depth features.

Leather Naturally factsheets are available to download for free in six languages; English, Italian, German, Dutch, Spanish and Portuguese. Later in 2023 we will start to roll out mini sites in those languages, making it even easier for anyone to find the answers they need. Perhaps the most important element of creating our content is building the trust with the consumer – if they find the information they are looking for Google recognises it and as a result will suggest Leather Naturally fact sheets and articles more often. It doesn’t just help Leather Naturally achieve its objectives, it helps the whole industry by building better knowledge. Education through transparent communication of the facts has been central to the Leather Naturally ethos since the beginning and we are pleased, thanks to the support of our members to be able to intensify this in 2023.

Publication by Edizioni AF/ARS Tannery