Jeff Hamilton – The first ever licensee for Guess Jeans for Men

Jeff jumped from denim to leather, his passion

Jeff Hamilton has an initial attraction to leather, the intricate creative prociess, experienced design philosophy and plans to make his jackets more accessible for those that don’t have a wallet like the artists.

However it all started when he was a kind and big fan of basketball. He started working as a designer and founded Guess, but was always attracted to leather even when started Guess jeans. After Guess his started making leather jackets. He began designing a few jackets for NBA players. He designed for the big players like Michael Jordan.

This helped him to penetrate into the basketball industry. After the basketball industry the pop industry started wearing his jackets. Like, George Michael and Michael Jackson. He made an impact with his leather jackets. These leather jackets are not just jackets, but pieces of art. In the early 90s Jeff started signing every custom made jacket he made.

If you like to read more about the future plans of Jeff to make his leather jackets more accessible for those with a smaller budget click on the link.


Credits: Jeff Hamilton & Metcha