Leather and Motorcycles Are Extensions of Each Other

Passionate about motorcycles and their synergy with leather.

Leather a material that offers a natural protection, but for Paul it does more than that – for him it makes the real biker experience complete. (His personal favorites are the sets from Dainese, a brand known for its leather garments specially made for racing.) Leather is also at the heart of the experinec of Ziggy Moto, his company that specialises in custom-made bikes.

That’s because for Paul, it’s not only about the looks, it is about functionality and the perfect performance. Plus, the ethos of reduce, reuse, recycle meaning that leather plays an important role.

“There are some aspects of riding where there could be no other material. I have a set of Dainese Leathers that I use on track, I’ve had it for years. They still fit and feel great on top of looking even better with age. They carry a number of battle scars and have been professionally repaired after a sizable crash on Paddock Hill at Brands Hatch, but that’s a great example of genuine sustainability and the ability to repair and reuse rather than discard and replace. Only leather can do this.”