Leather Offers Lifetime Performance for Your Car Seats

The way we use our cars is changing - leather should be along for the ride.

As a commitment to reduction in consumption and more sustainable lifestyles consumers are looking to buy in products that last longer, cars are no exception. Conversely, a growing trend, particularly in cities is to own no car at all, but to use car-sharing schemes.

Whether you’re a careful car owner that wants to make the most of your investment or a subscriber to car-sharing as and when you need it, your requirement is for interiors that can stand up to the wear and tear of everyday use, be easy to clean, will be the same.

It is for these reasons, combined with the unique touch that leather brings that it has been a long-time favourite for car seating and interiors. It is no surprise that Bentley Motors places such high importance on leather in its quest to be the most sustainable luxury car brand.

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