BMW Group Joins Leather Working Group – For Responsible and Sustainable Leather Sourcing

Leather Working Group has announced that BMW has become the second car manufacturer worldwide to join.

The BMW Group has set itself the ambitious goal of creating the most sustainable supply chain in the entire industry. All the while, the BMW Group is conscious of meeting its responsibility for using ethically sourced leather within its automotive supply chain.

BMW – Nadine Philipp, BMW Group’s head of Sustainability in the Supply Chain, Energy says:
As a leader in supply chain sustainability, joining the Leather Working Group is the next logical step for us. She emphasised that: “Leather is still in demand from our customers – depending on the model and region – and is very important in the premium segment. That is why supporting sustainable production and processing of leather at our suppliers is a priority for us.

With sustainability at the centre of their future strategic direction, the BMW Group decided to  support their long-term concept of sustainable mobility and joined the LWG.

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The Leather Working Group (LWG) is a membership organisation composed of over 1300 members across the leather value chain, including leather manufacturers, brands, suppliers, traders, and associations. The group develops audit certification standards to assess the environmental performance of leather manufacturing facilities and promotes responsible practices in the leather supply chain.

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Photo Credits: BMW Group