What’s Different About Leather for Automotive?

The leather seat in your car is not the same as your leather shoe , One4Leather explains why not…

Most consumers are not aware that there is much difference between the leather used in their shoes, their leather jacket, their travel bag or indeed, car seats.

Leather is an incredibly versatile natural product that can be used for a wide range of applications, but the end use help define the way it is made to produce the best results in wear. For example, a walking boot leather needs to be firmer for support, glove leathers need to be soft and tactile, saddlery needs to be beautiful but also hardwearing.

Automotive leathers are highly engineered and designed to combine the most stringent performance standards with aesthetics, hard wearing comfort and environmental requirements.

One4Leather has publish an easy-to-read explanation of how these different elements come together in automotive leather to create something that can withstand car interior temperature extremes, years of wear and tear, yet retain texture and appealing touch.

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