Tong Hong Tannery

Tong Hong Tannery is a world class manufacturer of Split Suede and PU Coated Leather. 

As an industry leader, it’s focus is to provide the best customer experience through a wide manufacturing footprint, dedicated human resources and innovative thought processes.

Tong Hong Tannery (TH) is one of the largest and most respected global suppliers of split leather.  A strong commitment to customer needs is cultivated from the top, filtering down to all aspects of the business.  This approach helps  ensure a high level of sustained quality, service and innovation.
TH produces both Split Suede and PU Coated Leathers.  Teams work with brands and footwear factories to ensure that appropriate products are being applied to various footwear applications.  Products are digitally presented with exceptional quality to augment physical samples.  Additionally, Tong Hong Tannery has the staffing to keep up with the latest trends and to develop those trends into our wide range of products.

TH’s manufacturing footprint provides an excellent supply chain for many world class footwear brands.  Manufacturing facilities are located in Southern China, Vietnam and Indonesia. The combined production capacity for the three facilities is more than 16 million square feet per month.

A major focus for TH is to be a leader in environmental practices.  Approximately 10 years ago, a water based PU coating process was developed by TH and a respected chemical supplier.  Today, close to 100% of it’s PU coated products are made without solvents.  Millions of dollars have been invested in state of the art waste water treatment plants.  Processes have been developed to use leather scraps in the production of other products.  These are just some of the innovative ways Tong Hong Tannery is helping to minimize environmental impacts.


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